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Work “in Disability”

A conversation with a ridiculously inspiring leader in Australian vocational disability training yesterday really reinforced my own beliefs that the conversation is far from over between the people I work for and the society who still doesn’t understand them. I think, however, that most of that general population really wants to. And I think that … Continue reading

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Cashless Welfare Card: A Shortsighted Solution to a Complex Problem.

[Image from] The complexity of problems in relationships between people is amplified when the same nature of complexity applies to large groups of people, or to entire societies. In their search for cost-effective solutions, individuals or teams charged with the responsibility for these solutions may find that oversimplification of complex problems is a tempting … Continue reading


Term 3!

Oh my gosh, I’ve totally forgotten to keep writing. I’ve been so very busy. At the Garden we’ve had our annual Spring Fair, which, thanks also to so many of you, was a raging success and has the Secret Garden staff and volunteers all on a surge of positivity and high morale. So we couldn’t … Continue reading